About DFK International

DFK International is a top 10 international association of accounting firms and business advisers.

DFK International is a worldwide association of independent accounting, tax and business advisory firms.

The association has been meeting the needs of clients with interests in more than one country for over 50 years. The partners in its member firms share:

  • Enthusiasm for fully understanding client objectives and delivering effective advice
  • Dedication to providing personal and timely services through experienced advisers
  • Commitment to achieving consistent professional and ethical standards

Each DFK member is an independent legal entity in its own country. DFK International is a non-profit making consortium of independent firms and does not itself practice in the field of accountancy and does not provide business advisory service. Such services are provided by the independent member and correspondent firms of DFK International.

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Why DFK International

With DFK member firms you get more than just the numbers. Like many of their clients, DFK firms are owner-managed businesses and our partners understand the pressures of running a business.  We know that you need seamless service and no-nonsense communications. Our firms are passionate about ideas, innovation and new technology and have in-depth experience helping start-ups and fast-growing businesses build their dreams.

And if you want to operate or grow internationally, DFK can help you get there by tapping into our global membership.  Member firms are carefully selected for the quality of service that they provide and with more than 50 years of experience of working together, DFK has the experience to know what we are talking about.

What does DFK stand for?


The association was founded in July 1962 by Ronald Warlow, then London partner of Edward Thomas Pearson & Son and  John Douglass, then senior partner of J.W. Douglass, Gilder & Co. of Sydney Australia. They were soon joined by Francois-Maurice Richard from Paris, who was at the time president of the International Congress of Accountants.

After a period of change  which saw some firms coming, going or changing their names, the association name was eventually changed to:

D - Douglass 

F - F Richard

K - Kidsons

It was incorporated as a UK company in 2015.

What's in a name?

Association formed (1962) 

The International Accounting Group 


Second Biennial Meeting Paris (1967) 

The Hallett Douglass International Group (Hallett Group) 


US firm Elmer Fox & Co. joins the Association (1971)

The Hallett Douglass Elmer Fox International Group 


UK firm changes its name from Hallett to Kidsons (1973)

Douglass Fox Kidsons (DFK) 


Sixth Group Meeting Copenhagen (1974) 

Douglass Fox Kidsons International (DFK International) 


Elmer Fox leaves the Association (1976) 

Douglass F.-Richard Kidsons International (DFK International) 


Association incorporated in the Netherlands as a 'Vereniging' (1983) 

DFK International