Other Services


Payroll Services

We offer high quality payroll and social insurance services to Companies having employees in Cyprus. Our services include monthly and weekly payroll services, issuance of payslips, preparation of Social Insurance Statements, preparation of Trade Union Statement, preparation of PAYE statement, preparation of Employer’s Tax Return (TD7), preparation of Certificates of Emoluments (TD63)

Insolvency Services

Our team includes an Approved Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with  wide-ranging experience covering both corporate and personal Insolvency matters. Our team specializes in corporate liquidations, both compulsory and voluntary, receiverships, examinerships, restructurings and personal voluntary arrangements.

Fund Administration

We offer a complete administrative solution for Funds. We provide services for mutual funds, private equity and partnerships covering a range of investment products. We ensure accurate calculation of the fund Net Asset Value (NAV) and provide continuous accounting and administrative support.

Cyprus Investment Programme

We help clients complete all applications and provide advice on the Cyprus Investment Programme. We are approved members of the programme and we can provide continuous support throughout the application process. We can identify potential investments depending on the risk appetite of the client.